Alright, so I know I have a lot of subpages.  Honestly, I find it more organized and easier to find things when I categorize pages under larger sections.  I also find that it helps keep pages from getting TOO long because I tend to put a lot of detail in my writing (even if it’s not significant lmao).  So anyways, I was wondering if y’all found all my subpages (and pages) annoying, so I was thinking about deleting some… or at the very least combining some… if you actually read this post, please leave your thoughts below.

Combining Ideas:

  • Fantage > Pets: combine all subpages (magic codes, codies, pet codes) under “Pets”
  • Fantage > Fantage Cheats: combine secret pages into the page “Fantage Cheats”
  • Relatable Posts: combine ALL relatable posts subpages into one page
  • Anything else you think should be combined?
  • Anime > Anime list: combine subpage into main page

Deletion Ideas:

  • Of course, I guess I could delete most of the suggested “combining” ideas… although I wouldn’t want to delete all of them.
  • Top Secret (That spam page nobody looks at)
  • Polls (That other page nobody looks at)
  • Anime > Where to watch n’ read (cuz nobody looks at this)
  • Contact… nobody seems to be interested in talking to me other than on blogs. xD
  • Any other pages you don’t want to see ever again in your life or find completely useless.

I feel bad about having to delete my pages… but I want to know your opinions first.  In the comments below… tell me… Do you want me to delete pages?  To combine them?  Or is everything fine the way it is?  If it’s one of the first two options, PLEASE give me suggestions, because the blog is for you, not for me.  If nobody likes the annoying, useless subpages, what’s the point in having them? xP  Anyways, that’s about it for this post.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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