My 50 Followers Giveaway


Since I reached 50 followers Ima host my first giveaway 🙂

Ok so I’m giving away 10k gold!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.50.51 pm.png

I was planning to do 5k but I feel generous 😀

Ok to enter you must:

  • Like this post
  • Re-blog
  • Comment down ’10k’

Doing just these to 3 things will get you an entry.

Wait what you want more? Ok fine I’ll list you the things you can do and how many entries it will give you.

  • Donate gold (500 = 5 entries, 1000 = 11 entries)
  • Donate an item (Depends on worth)
  • Make me an edit or drawing (1-5 entries)
  • Like all my pages (1 entry)
  • Give me a shout-out (2 entries)

Ok now for the rules:

  1. Can’t enter twice
  2. Write down how many entries you have
  3. Tell me the things you did

Ok one more thing, the giveaway ends on Feb 1st.

Good luck everyone 😉

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