Annoying People (LONG Rant)

Smh, do people ever learn to leave me alone??  o_o  Honestly.

WARNING: slight swearing ahead

So, there’s this dude, let’s call him K, and he’s super annoying.  Like, ok, I used to be friends with him 2 years ago when EVERYONE seemed to hate him.  I felt bad for the guy, ya know?  And then last year it became more of an “I don’t hate you, but I wouldn’t consider you a friend… acquaintance, maybe?”.  And eventually it got to a point where I began to despise him.  And now this year, I hate him more than anything.  He just, ugh, always acts as if he was right and his opinions were right; as if everyone was inferior to him, stupid even.  He can be a smart kid at times, don’t get me wrong, but he is so snobby and way to overconfident in things he “proves” with false “facts” that don’t even make sense, nor do they prove anything.  Even if EVERYONE is against him, he stands by his opinion.  Ok, there’s nothing wrong about standing by your opinion, but what seriously pisses me off about HIS way of standing by his opinion is that he just claims everyone is stupid for not understanding the “facts” and that he is always right.  In reality, however, he’s a shithead.

When he considered me his friend, he treated me like A TOY.  He literally always said I was wrong and would do “experiments” on me and lie straight to my face as if I was a stupid animal that didn’t understand.  For freakin’ Pete’s sake, I get better grades than him!  He was a fuckin’ asshole and still is!  He seems to not even understand that when people are annoyed, you shouldn’t annoy them more.  You shouldn’t call people who are smarter than you stupid.  I can’t stand him anymore!

Update: I’m not saying I’m smarter than him, but I am saying he’s pretty damn stupid to think I’m dumb enough to believe his blatant, obvious lies.  But I do have to say, he gives no effort at school and when he understands a lesson that was hard for him, he thinks nobody else understood that lesson (when everyone already had) and gets cocky.  He once looked up my IP address and called himself a stalker.  I screenshotted it and told him that it was obvious, and he went into photoshop as if it was the opposite away around… and literally showed lots of people the edited version.  (He wasn’t even supposed to be on his personal account at school.)  And what’s worse, they believed him!

Update: Also, he calls people fat just because they weigh more than him?  He’s like 100 lb and super tall, but just because you’re over 100 lb, doesn’t mean you’re fat.  .-.  He goes around asking people for their scores, and if you get lower, he says, “Haha, I got higher than you!” and if you got higher than him, he doesn’t even reply, just walks away as if he had never asks… like he doesn’t even tell you HIS score, yet he has the nerve to ask everyone else theirs!?

So, I talked to the principal a while back, and she told me that K was going to stay away from me from that point.  I was so relieved.  And so, he did stay away for a while… and then somehow got seated BEHIND me!  Like literally 2 desks behind mine, and it’s aweful!  He’s so (I can’t say this enough times) annoying!  I’ve been able to ignore him for the past few months, but ya know, tension builds up, so if I’m holding these feelings in all the time, they’re gonna burst at some point.  He was like, legit talking back to me as if I was the biggest moron in the world, like WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TALK THAT BULLSHIT TO ME!  He was like, anime is better dubbed than subbed.  Yeah, I get that it was his opinion, and that’s totally fine, but he was telling it to me like a FACT.  Like wtf, no it’s not a fact!  And I’ve watched SO MUCH MORE anime than he ever has.  K has only watched 3 different series, whereas I’ve watched more than 40… he thinks he can say that I’m wrong?  Honestly, he’s like, “Dubbed anime is better because it’s in English.  English dubs aren’t even anime because they weren’t produced in Japan.  The Japanese voice actors are the same as the English voice actors.”  And I’m there with another friend who watches anime, and we’re like, “1, English voice acting sometimes sucks, it’s your opinion, fine, but don’t say it like it’s a fact.  2, English dubbed anime is still anime because it was produced in Japan and came over to America, then got translated, but still an anime.  And also, the definition of ‘anime’ varies from person to person.  3, YOU CAN LITERALLY LOOK UP THE CHARACTER AND THEY HAVE TWO VOICE ACTORS, ONE IN JAPANESE, ONE IN ENGLISH, and possibly more if it’s translated in other languages.”  And he says, “Well, the voice actor for Light Yagami is the same in Eng. and Jap.” and we’re like, “K, that is ONE voice actor, one very RARE bilingual voice actor.”  (By this, I just mean, there aren’t many voice actors who do both Jap. and Eng. voices for characters.)  And then there’s a whole bunch of bullcrap that comes out of that ass-hat’s mouth.

Anyways, I don’t want to bother you more with this rant.  Sorry if it bothered you, especially my swearing.  If you don’t view the situation the same way, please don’t hate me.  I apologize for the biased view, but honestly, I’m just trying to get my feelings out.  Maybe you have different opinions, and that’s fine, but don’t try to go passing your opinions out as facts to people, thinking they’re stupid and that they’ll believe you.  -.-

Sayonara! ~channabeth1♥

P.S.  Did anyone notice WordPress has yet another format for creating posts?  It now takes up the whole screen.  Damn, and I just got used to the other one.  xP


28 thoughts on “Annoying People (LONG Rant)

  1. I think it’s good you got out your feelings in a nonviolent way like this, whereas some people would just get fed up and hurt the “poor guy”. I’m sorry he’s still a jerk to you, especially since you gave him a chance to redeem himself when everyone else hated him, which was very kindhearted of you.

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    1. Dude, I thought I could give him a 2nd chance for the New Year (not like become his friend again but at least not hate him every second) and he just got that forgiveness stripped from himself. ._.
      I would never beat someone I hate up… not physically… in my head, though, that’s another story lmao.

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  2. Sounds like an edgelord neckbeard.
    Honestly, he sounds like a huge joke. If I were in your position, I’d laugh at him.
    And just because you get better grades than him, it doesn’t mean that you’re smarter. Just had to point that out, because being knowledgeable =/= intelligence. Intelligence is literally your ability to learn. My intelligence is low, however my knowledge is high; thus I get better marks than those who are more intelligent than me.

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    1. Well, I’m not quite trying to say I’m smarter than him. Although in school he shows no signs of effort. He shows no intelligence nor real knowledge. -.- Although he can be smart at times, yet not quite “smart” as in… he uhhh… kind of gets what we’re learning and then takes it so far as to believe nobody else understands what we’re learning? Idk, but I feel like he’s kind of lacking in effort, and then thinks everyone is dumb because he understands schoolwork? I really can’t explain it, but his behavior just… confuses and annoys me. .-.


  3. … I have no words to say about K. That’s very stupid of him to think his opinions are facts is what I can agree to though. And what he thinks about dubbed and subbed? Seriously? Wow, just wow. (And yes, I did notice WordPress’s new format of making posts. I noticed it when I was making that Weird Lucario post.)

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    1. I know. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his opinions… they’re just opinions. But when he tells everyone that it’s a fact as if they believe everything he says is a fact… eh… not so much appreciated. We’re not animals. Smh

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  4. This dude sounds like a jerk. We have a girl in our school who is exactly like that and is always saying she has way better grades than us, and she’s smarter etc. and we r just like we get better grades than u, which is true, but then she’s always saying mean things. We told the teacher once, she got into big trouble hehehe

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    1. He doesn’t even get good grades. I think if he applied himself, he could at least get up to a B average. But not only does he not try, but he acts as if he’s too smart for school when he knows hardly any legit facts and makes stuff up and tries to pull those off as “facts that haven’t been proven yet”. o.o

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  5. omg i can relate
    this dude in my science classs is super annoying, he’s always raising his hand blurting out a bunch of stuff that doesnt even make sense to act smart, saying that we wouldnt understand what hes saying

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    1. Omg, sounds so similar to this K person. He literally makes up the excuse that we’re too dumb to understand what he’s talking about. And when the teacher proves him wrong, he has that, “I’m right, and you just don’t want to admit it,” face.

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  6. I have a guy like K in my class. Literally everyone hates him. He always talks as if whatever he’s saying is automatically correct and is a concrete fact. And if he does see that he’s wrong he goes something like “oh sorry, I didn’t realize. You know everything, right?” in a sarcastic tone. He would never shut up either .-. Even some of the teachers show that they don’t like him. He’s also a racist prick which doesn’t make things better.

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      1. Omg yes! That would be the best. I wonder how they’d react seeing someone behaving similarly to them xD Just imagine what they’d do if they had opposite opinions

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    1. I’ve tried to ignore him the best I can… it’s been months since I last let his actions get to me… but when he sits 2 seats behind you and is shouting his opinions, it becomes hard to ignore.

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  7. not its okay rant, let ur feelings out we r here for you
    just pretend hes an annoying fly , ignore him, stay with ur other friends and pretend that he doesnt exist , he will eventually get bored and fuck off
    annoying people are horrible
    just keep on ignoring him

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