Some Things

I’ve made more pages for people interested in checking them out.  They’re basically just for blogging help, which are included under “Blogger’s Guidebook” so if you have anything you need help on with your blog, feel free to ask!

Also, I was thinking about changing the blog name to Fangirl Fandom, although I’m not quite sure about it.  I think I’d also be changing the blog URL to that as well.  But I’m not sure, so I leave the choice up to you!  Reason being, this started out as a Fantage blog, but I don’t write a whole lot about Fantage on this blog anymore, and most of my Fantage-related posts go onto other blogs.  I’ll still be writing about Fantage occasionally though.  Tell me what’cha think about the new title, and I’ll probably change it tomorrow. 😉

Thanks for reading this short post!  Sorry if it bothered you and you have no interest in my posts lmao.

Update: Shiz, I searched it up and apparently fangirlsfandom is a real blog on WordPress, although it’s completely unrelated to my blog.  TnT  I could always change the URL to like fandomfangirls or something lmao but fangirlfandom isn’t a real blog.. there are many options… or does anyone have any suggestions in the comments?  I just feel like I shouldn’t have a title after Fantage if I hardly post about it lol.  I’m trying to think of stuff with a double “f” so it’s like an alliteration.  😛

Some ideas so far: (all of them have similar wordpress addresses)

  • FangirlFandom
  • FangirlsFantasies
  • FangirlFiction
  • FangirlsFantastic

I know, they all sound cliche. XD

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


12 thoughts on “Some Things

  1. Idk how you call that a short post, if that was a short post mine might as well be one sentence lmao
    Also if you aren’t going to post about fantage change your blog name! You probably will get to know some new bloggers since the majority of them out there aren’t fantage bloggers
    Also, if you change your url you should expect some difficulties but they fix themselves over time

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    1. Yeah, I’m seriously leaning towards changing the name. But if I don’t change the URL, it would kinda be weird for the title to be different. I was searching up the URLs that I would’ve wanted, and a majority of them are taken, but I can make slight changes to make it possible. I’m not sure if it will be hard for people to find my site though if I change the URL. I’ll hafta think about it a little more.


      1. You see there are a lot of empty blogs out there
        You have to find a unique url or else it won’t be the first thing to show up first on a search engine so I suggest make a word up or combine some words (like my blog is Frappucino plus Potato = Frapputato, Cloud gave me the suggestion a long time ago)

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        1. xD My creativity box broke. I mean, I guess the URL doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the blog name, but I think it would be kind of weird to have Fantage in the URL if I’m not going to post much about Fantage.


          1. Well ppl hav diff url and blog names but I don’t think u should have fantage in your url and not post about it like
            Britney/cloud has a blog where the url is transparent crayon but her blog name is “Britney’s blog”

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