Oekaki Kyan-Ra Sodo

Today, my sister and I made おえかきキャンラソド which is basically soda-flavored candy.  Our kit came with a bear, house, present, and flower mold.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the process, but I took a picture of the box and final product.

Sorry it’s blurry.

It came with 3 colored flavors, a candy mold, a color mixer, soda-flavored candy, and a plastic knife and spoon.  All you had to do was:

  1. Separate the knife and spoon from the molds.
  2. Mold the soda-flavored candy into the candy molds (our pack came with four molds).
  3. Put the 2 colored flavors (powder) into the color mixer. Colors are red (more like pink), blue (light blue), and yellow.  You can mix them together to make light purple, orange, and bright green.
  4. Add water.  (Use the spoon tool > 2 spoons for larger portions, 1 spoon for smaller.)
  5. Mix water with colored flavors.
  6. Take the soda-flavored candy out of the molds without messing them up.
  7. Get a toothpick or something thin (we used the knife) and spread colors where you want them to go on the mold.
  8. Eat!  They’re really sweet and taste pretty good!  It has a texture kind of like taffy or a Tootsie Roll.  😉

Here’s our finished product (we only made three molds)

Don’t mind the princess plate. :3

I had a great time with my sister as we made these candies!  Totally worth the time!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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