My Mistake In Fantage Tag

Thanks Cupcake for tagging me!

The title is self explanatory, tell your viewers of embarrassing things you did on Fantage, lol.

So, where should I start?  There’s so many mistakes I’ve made… How about… Q-blast?  Well, basically, when I first started Q-blast, I had no idea how to play and I always ended up making a fool of myself and bombing my avatar.  I was literally no help to the team.  But when I got gold, I thought buying something would help me play better, so I got an powered-up avatar, whatever you call it, and… I was still no good at the game.  Although now I’m better at it so, I guess it wasn’t quite a mistake… just at the time.

Ok, that was boring, I’ll tell you something else.  I didn’t know Fantage had a different time zone than me and when they held certain times for events, I always showed up 3 hours late (because Fantage is 3 hours ahead of my time) and I would literally get so confused I would ask everyone why the activity of the event wasn’t there… and yeah lol.

Oh and I was so bad at MyMall.  xD  I was waay too nice and trusting.  Basically, when I first started, I sold like EVERYTHING for minimum because 1, I didn’t know the pricing averages and 2, I didn’t know you could change the minimum.  I was also extremely innocent.  I got scammed TWICE in the TWO times I’ve ever traded, so basically every time I ever traded (not including with my 2 closest friends).

There’s like 3 of my many mistakes I’ve ever made on Fantage.  xP

I will tag:


Sally Duck









Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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