Japanese School Potluck

Today, at Japanese school, we had a potluck.  There were so many activities to do, and it was really fun!  I hadn’t seen my classmates for about 3 weeks, and I’ve finally met up with them again.  🙂

So when I first got there, all I did was help set up chairs, not that interesting.  😛  3 per table and there were… I dunno how many tables.  xD  Anyways, afterwards, I got to draw monkeys on papers, you’ll see why later in the post.  Hehehe.

We later went out to the courtyard.  さむいですね!It was so cold!  But I had fun, because we got to make AND eat mochi!!  We mushed sticky rice in a… uh… let’s call it a rice-musher lol.  To mush the rice, we used massive wooden mallets, and they were heavier than they looked.  I accidentally moved my hand onto some sticky rice that went astray on the handle.  o.o  It was sticky.  After I came back from washing my hands, everyone was molding the sticky rice into little mochi balls and adding (I think it was starch) something on the outside.  Once that was done, we got to eat!  There weren’t many toppings, but there was soy sauce, seaweed, and bean paste.  It was yummy, but I had to stop eating so I could save room for the food.  :3

There was a funeral service in the building so we had to be quiet as we passed through the hall back into the gym/cafeteria/eating room/activities room….

Once we got there, there were two more activities.  The first was called ふくわらい (fukuwarai), a game like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except with parts of the face; information here.  I made the face almost perfect *brags* LOL, but it looked so weird.  Another activity was ねんがじょう (Nengajou), which is basically a New Year’s card (Information here), so we drew monkeys.  Because it’s the year of the monkey!  I did really cartoon-y monkeys lol.  あけしておめでとうございます!(Akeshite omodetougozaimasu!)  Happy New Year!  We wrote that message on the paper with our monkeys.  XD

Now for the interesting part… FOOD!  I grabbed way too much, but it was so worth it!  There was so much, I can’t even start with a list.  But I had edamame, onigiri, noodles, tofu, rice, more noodles (soba), and a pork bun.  おいしいですね!DELICIOUS!

And then we went home.  So here I am, on the computer, like the lazy person I am… and now I have to clean my room.  TnT



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