Chibi Gifts 🎁

Remember this post?

Well, sorry they’re really crappy, but I’m no expert at chibis. This was also intended to be a sketch so I apoplize for not coloring.  If you are dissatisfied, tell me in comments.





I can still make stuff for Yuki, Minty, Blizz, Mumbo, Nutella, and Chingster.
I guess if you don’t want these crappy sketches I guess I could try a header or somethin’. :\

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1❤


36 thoughts on “Chibi Gifts 🎁

              1. Everyone’s too modest -_- everyone’s just like “oh, it’s horrible :(” and i’m just like “hey check out dis pic I did it’s like soooooooo adorbs ain’t it” I have no sense of modesty 😛 or humbleness even though I don’t think that’s a word XD

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