Why I Didn’t Want To Go Back

So, we all know I went back to school today…

And I was super pumped to see all my irl friends again!  I was so happy to see everyone after 2 weeks without doing so.  But I also knew going back to school meant LOTS of work..

So, now I have tons of homework ON THE FIRST DAY BACK and I won’t be on WordPress much, just like it was before I went on break.  It was like a post every other day.  o.o  Sorry, bosses, I’ll be a bit busy but I’ll TRY to post when I can. ^_^  Hopefully at least once a week.

Ughh, we have to do a monologue, science fair project, physics project, AND daily homework… as well as P.E. homework.  -_-  So much, this is gonna keep me up all night, as it always does.

So now we all know why I didn’t want to go back to school.  Although, I was glad to see my friends.  I think if school just cut down on the homework (and tests/exams) it would be fun.  Of course, I like learning, just not stressing… >.<

I’ll see y’all whenever I post again!  🙂

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


Signature By Sarah

P.S.  Sorry the post was so short.  I hafta get back to quickly reading through the posts in my Reader and then start homework.  ._.


23 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Want To Go Back

    1. Well I’m not leaving lol. I just won’t be active most of the day (whenever I’m usually active for everyone else’s time zones). I’ll be on a lot later, and my posts and comments will be shorter/less. TnT

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