Raffle Entries

First question, for people who have multiple entries, is there any way I can put your names in without having to type them 13 times but you’ll still get just as high a chance as if I did type it 13 times?  If that didn’t make sense, basically I don’t want to enter names 13 times, but I want everyone to have the same chances as their raffle entries.  Or do I actually have to write (ex: Annabeth) 13 different times?  If this made absolutely no sense, then just ignore it lmao.

Click this text to get to the raffle information.  Ends January 5, winners will be chosen and announced in 2 days.

Rainbowstar +5

ilikecupcake +5

xxkitty3 +14

PinkuRandomness + 14

mmchan +13

Sally Duck +10

Emily +5

Queen Nunnally +10

Susan//Tori +3

Moonshinezodiac +5

Goddess Nutella Bae +3

Sunstar +5

xxcloudydreamerxx +4

FluffyPuffyPuff +13

If you have any questions or want to confirm your name, comment below.  If you haven’t entered already, you have until Tuesday around 5:00 PST or 8:00 EST/FST.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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33 thoughts on “Raffle Entries

                    1. Well, it’s sorta late. 😛 Considering I go to bed way later than this because of hw, it’s pretty early. Considering how much sleep I got over break and now I have to re-adjust to waking up at 6:00, it’s late. xD

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