Anime Con – Day 3

Sunday, the last day of Anime Con came round and I had lots of fun.  This will be a shorter post because I didn’t stay as long as yesterday, but I’ll show some pictures.  {I’ll put all pictures at the bottom of this post with captions.}

First part of the day, I went to a booth to get an anime drawing of me and my friend.  She was cosplaying as Leo from Fairy Tail, and I decided to put on my cosplay later, so I was originally wearing casual clothing (with one of the t-shirts I bought yesterday).  I think the drawing looked really cool!  The artist didn’t even use pencil, she just went straight in with pen.  It was $50, but I think it was worth it.  😉

I got into my cosplay afterwards; again, I was Sakura Haruno from Naruto. 😛  And then we walked over to a panel with the voice actors from Free.  It was really funny, they all were having fun at the mics and playing games.  We were at the panel for about 30 minutes then went to walk around after it was over.

We went to 711, not much happened there, but someone did recognize my cosplay.  They didn’t talk to me or anything but I heard them call my character name as they passed by (like I always do to other cosplayers when I point them out xD).

It seemed as if only minutes later we were at another panel with Todd Haberkorn.  He was taking everyone’s suggestions on which voice actors to bring to the next Anime Con, and people were giving off animes such as Boku no Pico (everyone was yelling, “NOOOO”), The Seven Deadly Sins, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, Angel Beats, and so many more I can’t remember.  After his panel, there were tons of AMVs (Anime Music Videos).  They were so amazing!  We watched the top 3 for 3 different sections, so 9 in total.  It lasted for about another 30 minutes, and my neck was hurting so bad, but the videos were so good!

That’s about the end of my day.  Here are some pictures, sorry for the bad lighting..  🙂

Digital drawing of Hatsune Miku.  All credit to artist.  $15

Go check out her deviantart:

Anime-style drawing of me and my friend, Calien.  $50

I apologize, I can’t remember her name, and she didn’t give out a business card.  This is not my work, but I think it looks really awesome.

Sword Art Online t-shirt. $25

Funny story, my mom thought it said “Black Man” on it and made a weird face because she thought I bought something racist, and I was like, “NO, IT FREAKIN’ SAYS BLACK SWORDSMAN LOL” but I guess I can see why she read it the wrong way.  :\  I still love the shirt though.

Blue Exorcist t-shirt. $25

I really like this shirt too.  I actually got a discount for buying both shirts at once, so instead it was $45 instead of $50… and then they added tax and it went back up to $49… but I guess if that tax was on $50, it would be, like, $54.  Not too much of a difference, but every dollar counts.  That $5 I didn’t have to spend could be used to buy a sandwich or something.  xP

That’s all the merch I got at Anime Con, and I think it’s worth the money.  Sorry I couldn’t post pictures of myself in cosplay, I just feel weird posting pictures of myself (even if my face is blurred).  And my parents would flip out, especially because they don’t even know I have a blog, shhhh.  ;P

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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11 thoughts on “Anime Con – Day 3

  1. OMG I’M SO ENVIOUS!!! ._.
    Warning: weeaboo language here. (Just for fun xD)
    Omg your shirts and draws are so kawaii Annabeth-chan! They look so sugoi desu yo~
    Lol okay, too much weeabooness (is that even a word?)
    And I see you need to know a LOT of Animes to go there without being out of subject. xP I should definetely go one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There were lots of people cosplaying as stuff not from animes lol. And quite a few people dressed up from video games… some that weren’t even Japanese (video games). xD Honestly, it’s just a video game/cartoon/anime convention, but MOST of the stuff is based around anime, just not all of it, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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