Anime Con – Day 2

Today I had a really fun time!  I went dressed as Sakura Haruno from Naruto.  It was SO cold and I had a dress on. o.o  But I liked the costume, it looked cool.  😉  So here’s some stuff from today.

First, I walked from the parking garage to the convention center when it was freezing, and as I previously mentioned, I was wearing a dress.  ._.  When everyone in the group finally got together, we were standing in the hall, and this guy dressed as Tobi from Akatsuki (from Naruto) and he just patted me on the head.  As my first time cosplaying, I expected people to be coming up to me n’ stuff, but I didn’t expect someone to come up to me, pat my head, and walk away.  I literally thought it was one of my friends dressed up trying to prank him… but nope, I had no idea who that guy was.  xD  But no matter, it was pretty funny.

Next, we went to take a picture with Pikachu.  My friend got all up in Pikachu’s face and yelled, “We are going to take a picture with you now!!” and we were all telling him not to assault Pikachu.

This was followed by wondering around in the merchandise area for a few hours, going around for, well, merchandise.  I ended up buying 2 t-shirts and a really pretty art piece of Hatsune Miku.  My money was well spent.  :3

There were tons of people there, as always, and someone even asked me to take a selfie with them!  I was just so surprised someone actually liked my cosplay enough to take a picture with me, I mean, it was put together in ONE night!  Man, I felt proud.  XD  Anyways, as we walked around there was a Fairy Tail photoshoot for all the Fairy Tail cosplayers… and then a few hours later there was a sword fight, multiple sword fights in fact, and someone actually got hit in the face with a wooden weapon.  He was ok though, which is good.

I had a really awesome time today, and I’m glad my first cosplay worked out.  I’m going to Anime Con tomorrow, which will be the last day, and I’m dressing up again.  Unfortunately, only one of my friends from the group could go another day, so we won’t be the huge party we were today.  Although, I bet it will still be fun!  We plan on getting an anime version of ourselves while we’re there, then I’m gonna get back into my cosplay and we’ll just walk around.

Sorry, I couldn’t upload pictures today.  My parents just don’t want me putting my face on the internet, and it looks like crap when I try to block out my face.  I’ll show you all the stuff I bought in tomorrow’s post, since I’m assuming it will be a short one, considering Anime Con will only last half the day, unlike a full day like today.  So many “day”s.  I look forward to tomorrow!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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