K-POP Songs You Might Like : Part 2

I’m here to make y’all (lol) like K-POP, since the tagline does say K-POP 😉

Welcome back to this segment hosted by your truly *bows* so I hope you enjoy these songs~!

1.) EXO – Lightsaber

For some reason I’m starting with EXO again. Anyhow I’ve been listening to this song alot frequently, even got my mom to listen to it without asking 🙂 Like EXO or not this was a way EXO promoted the new Star Wars movie 😀

2.) BIG BANG – Bang Bang Bang

I like this song alot, most people tend to get addicted to this song in the pre-chorus so Seungri/Taeyang’s part AKA after the rapping 🙂

3.) VIXX – Chained Up

You’ll get really into it at the chorus of the song trust me, its a good song 😀

4.) Super Junior – Mr.Simple

I think this is my favourite Super Junior song at the moment, the chorus when it goes ‘Mr.Simple, Simple’ is my favourite part 😀

5.) 2ne1 – I Am The Best

This song makes complete sense, I AM THE BEST! It’s a song that self praises myself 😉 Just kidding 😛

6.) iKON – Anthem

This song is technically just leader Bobby and B.I rapping. Oh! Did you know B.I is supposedly the next G-Dragon? The next worldwide superstar?

7.) G-Dragon – Black

The song really gets you into the mood its trying to set, you might find yourself swaying your head left and right while listening to this.

8.) BTS – N.O

If you read the lyrics (in the MV it shows the English lyrics) it actually might display a powerful impact to you. It just might.

9.) GOT7 – If You Do

Cause everyday, everynight, feel like a fool, while listening to this song~ Okay I got out of tune XD

Comment below some of your favourites from this?


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