Owari No Seraph – Nagoya Kessen-Hen

Alright, so this post includes NO spoilers, it’s just a quick question.

So, I recently watched episode 12 of the anime in the title, and I was wondering if that was the last episode or if they were gonna air another one next week… or if I would have to wait another year for another season…

I looked all over Google, but I can’t find any information, so if any of you more informed otakus or weeaboos know, could you tell me in the comments?

Quite honestly, if that was the last episode, I would be majorly disappointed.  There’s just a lot of information that hasn’t been told left in the series, so I would be a little upset if that was the end.  Even if there’s more manga chapters, sometimes it just feels weird to not see the rest of an anime series that doesn’t pick up after the manga from that point?… if that makes any sense.

Overall, it was a really interesting anime, I would just feel like a huge piece was missing if it wasn’t continuing from where it left off.

Apologies for my lack of knowledge in whether it is continuing or not… so back to watching other animes that actually are finished. 😛

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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8 thoughts on “Owari No Seraph – Nagoya Kessen-Hen

  1. I haven’t heard of it but a standard anime ( if it has only a few episodes ) has 12 episodes. I just searched it up (using anime list) and sadly, it has finished airing, apparently. It will probably have some sort of anime continuing it 🙂 . It’s just like ‘One Punch Man’ with only 12 episodes. I felt like I need more!

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    1. Darn. It was a good anime, but I didn’t quite like the ending, as it had left a huge part of the plot uncovered. But I guess the ultimate goal was kinda achieved… although I feel like the series is incomplete at this point. I really hope there will be a prequel series though. Thanks for informing me. 🙂

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