Slow Day

Psh, we all know how I’m always on WordPress, so much that I actually spend hours looking at all 40+ posts.  And then I go on Fantage and accidentally time out because I’m on WordPress for too long.  Well, let’s start off with a boring story of my day.

I woke up at 1:30 pm, as always, went downstairs to eat some pizza, then took a shower. ._.  Sounds fun, right?  I come back to the computer to find that it’s cloudy outside and there have only been like 5 posts the whole 2 hours I was gone.  xD  So now… I have decided to spam you guys with many posts, well… not all at once.  xD

I’ve been seeing quite a few posts about not paying too much attention to followers and views and all these people quitting for attention, wanting people to comment, “No, don’t leave!!”  And I totally agree, it is annoying, and blogging is just for fun.  I didn’t make my blog for fame, and I just enjoy posting and conversing with my fellow brothers and sisters in this community.  🙂  But I will admit, I’m waiting in anticipation for that 100th follower, just something to be proud of.  I’m not forcing anyone to, though, so don’t get mad at me. 😉  We all want that big 1-0-0, correct?

So as of now, I’m just on Fantage playing Q-blast… someone cure my boredom.  The clouds outside make my day feel 10x longer.  I’m on the first server right now, tell me in comments if you wanna meet up.  Kelly was here too, but she had to go, and I’m waiting for her to come back.  She’s really nice, so join meeeeeeeeee.  I’m soooo boreeeeeeeddddd.

That’s all. ;P

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


Signature By Sarah

P.S. Like my new background?  I went for something simple. 😉


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