THE GCG, how, what, when, WTF…

Sorry I entered this late. :\ I think you still have one day to enter if you want, guys! 😉

Fantage Chatter


The GCG? Yeah, the Grand Chatter Games.

best dividerPRIZES:

gfedcbaUntitled.pngUntitled.pngrandtopYeah, mouse band, flower drop hair, pink glow stick, MP3 player, Cleopatra sandals, basketball board, pink cat ears, white ivory beanie, 2000 Gold AND 3 drawings

best dividerSo, 1st place:

any 5 items And 1500 Gold AND  A DRAWING!

2nd place:

2 from the 2 items and 500 Gold AND A DRAWING!

Giveaway winner:

the last two items AND A DRAWING!

best dividerHOW TO ENTER FOR GCG and Giveaway:

Like this page.

Reblog to spread the word

Comment: ‘Entering’

If I like your comment, it means your in.

best divider

So, the GCG is a series of competitive games played by you guys. YAS, you guys. Depending on the number of participants, there will be 3-10 events. 1-3 participants get eliminated in each event (again depending on the number of participants), but those eliminated also have a chance to win in the giveaway.The last participants standing in…

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