Acrostic Poem Tag

Created by 1Cherry13.  I was tagged by that random person who created this tag and runs Agent Fantage.



Thank the person who tagged you and give the link of the blog the person tagged you onto the post

Do good answers for each letter in your name (blogger name)

Tag 10 people


A ~ artistic ;D

N ~ nutty nuisance 😛

N ~ neuropsychiatric LOL

A ~ another a word (amiable?) 😉

B ~ boss/bae (not poop) – as Yuki~chan calls me

E ~ educated – bcuz lerning ish funz

T ~ thankful (みんなさんありがとう!)

H ~ helpful/hardworking hehehe


Lol, so this was all in good fun.  I was just looking up words and stuff, but we all know how weird I am when it’s past my bedtime midnight.  And here’s who I tag, and I hope you’ll enjoy doing this tag! 🙂

  1. Yuki~chan
  2. Pandaflower
  3. Nutella Bae
  4. Queen Nunnally
  5. Sarah
  6. Emily121002
  7. Umi-san 海さん
  8. Prismarine
  9. Rainbowstar135
  10. Anyone who wants to do this! ;D

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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