MyMall popped up and said I sold Tree Cookie board and got 0 gold.  I checked my ID Fone and actually got 0 gold.  Whyyyyyyyyy

That’s all.  I wasn’t quick enough to screenshot it but now I’m mad I didn’t get anything and now it’s gone. -.- Stupid Fantage.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


14 thoughts on “Whaaaaat

  1. Happened to me before, but the gold was in my idfone. A week or two ago, I had earned 30,000 gold in a day, and I had seen it in my idfone. I then went to mymall to change some to ecoins, and all of it was gone. So strange.

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  2. that happened to me too! I was selling explorers top coined for 1,200 gold and it said ‘Sold for 0 gold.’ I was like crying. I bought it for a lot ;( I checked my idfone, and i never got the gold
    SMH fantage

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