Surprised I’m not Fired

We all know I’m working on a few blogs now, don’t we?  Well… it’s been a while since I posted (I actually haven’t posted on Fantage Chatter yet, yikes) and I’m surprised I haven’t been fired yet. XD  Well, I’m working on it right now, I’ll be making quite a few posts in advance.  Sorry I’ve just been lazy the past my whole life few weeks and now that I’m on winter break, I was catching up on stuff, but I’m taking today to make drafts/posts in advance, so as not to fall behind.  Thanks, bosses, for not firing me!!!

Here’s what I plan to continue posting on your blogs:

Fantage Mint Candy: Pros & Cons

Fantagious Fantage: Time to Trend!

Fantage Chatter: Remember When…?


Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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