Ok, don’t worry, I didn’t get scammed, BUT here’s the conversation I had with the scammer.  If you didn’t know, she scammed Hanaan.  Here’s the conversation she had with me, sorry some of the pictures overlap, so you might see part of the same message twice.  Sounds confusing, but you’ll know when you see it.

Lol I was laughing so hard at some parts like wtf who does she think she is?  Anyways, that’s all.  I’m really bored.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1


25 thoughts on “SMH SKAMMER

      1. I once tried something where I borrowed a friend’s Winter Green Hair? I think that’s what its called… and wore all newb stuff with it.
        Some girl in popular items came up to me and wanted to trade the hair for a CC item, rofl.

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