._. Prepare for a short rant.

I hate when people do this.  Sorry to put you on the spot here if you’re reading this, but honestly, it’s really annoying.

Screenshot (237)

The second I add her she legit asks me for gold.  Like, I don’t know you.  Yeah, I guess you could think of it as a homeless person coming up to you and asking for food.  NOT.  You don’t need gold to survive, you don’t need to beg for a measly 500 gold.  I hate when people add you just for gold.  I AM NOT A BANK.  I already spent like 15,000+ on limited items and a few other things, and I plan on spending my hard earned gold the way I want.  I’m not saying I won’t help friends get gold, but I am saying that I’m not going to give you gold if you ask the second I add you as a buddy or if you ask continuously yet never talk to me.  I hate how Fantagians think they can abuse others for a video game.  Smh, this is like my biggest Fantage pet peeve.

Comment below if you can relate.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



23 thoughts on “._. Prepare for a short rant.

  1. I thought she said 10,000 (clueless on MyMall speak)
    But I gotta smack her for begging.
    If she’s a total newbie then asking nicely for gold to start her journey to MyMall is fine, but begging is not okay.

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  2. This girl in my mall had a lot of limited items & buddies me & as soon she buddied me she said let’s trade my autum boots for your black & white shorts & pink limited cat ears & I’m like no & after that she always asks or gold so I had to unbuddy her ppl these days

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  3. I don’t play Fantage anymore, but I still remember at MyMall, people saying :
    Any donations? awesome awesome
    And I was like : donations?? That’s way too intense!!! Is this a charity? (Btw, some people asked for 500 000 golds DONATION!)
    Also, I can relate that kind of people TnT.

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  4. So true. -__- I’ve had buddies who only came to me when they needed gold. (or an item, for free, that is.) I used to feel bad for those asking for gold in mymall, so I always gave people some. I stopped because one girl had asked me to give her gold, so I did. I gave her like 7,000 gold. She then says thanks, then goes down to the lobby claiming to be broke again. -__-

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