Secret Santa for Nunnally

I never got someone to volunteer to do Secret Santa with you, so whether you forgot I was gonna do something or not, here it is!  I know it’s early but I couldn’t wait anymore.  What’s a 5 day difference?

Happy early Christmas! 😀

Notice Nunally~sama

The gods are smiling upon you and even if all the stinky humans don’t notice your work right now, all the other more brilliant life forms are worshipping you throughout the multiverse every second of space and time.

Yes, Nunnally, the great Nunnally, writes many stories and poems and excellent works of art.  She started a blog to post her works, and then a weird Annabethian came into her life.  This is a story dedicated to the wonderful Queen Nunnally:

It all started with the blessed birth of Nunnally, in a land far away from California.  Across the sea in the UK, a baby destined for a fulfilled future of writing and happiness was raised.  Every day and every night, her brain was always turning, thinking of brilliant ideas and having fun.  But little did she know of the beings in the multiverse superior to the stinky humans.

Yes, I just called humans stinky.  Anyways…

Nunnally was all over the news on various planets within solar systems within galaxies within universes within multiverses, all watched by magnificent, powerful gods.  They thought Nunnally’s writing was the best out of all the other impudent human life forms.  It could very well save the world from chaos and destruction.  The very holy work that should be noticed by not all the senpais in the world, but all the ningens (humans).  Her writing, her passionate, sugoi writing ranged from kawaii to kowai, which everyone should love dearly, whether it be poem or story.  How could she get the sekai (world) to notice her?

Yes, I’m trying to English-ize Japanese words. ._.  And yes, I know it isn’t grammatically nor linguistically correct.

And then one of the gods descended, the Vaseline god, and granted her a wish, a Geass, if you may.  The Geass to produce many talented works and be noticed by the world.  After all, if she could be noticed by the multiverse without this wish, then who knows how influential she would be WITH it.  And to this very day, she has yet to use this Geass.  The great Nunnally plans to release this power in her career, to be more successful than ever, and to get the world to recognize her as Queen Nunnally of the Writing Multiverse.

The End

Haha, I had so much fun writing this!  Yeah, it’s not the best story, but it was pretty funny. xP  I hope you enjoyed my quirky weirdness. XD  Have a great Christmas with family and a Happy New Year! 


Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


P.S. Another gift, cuz the story wasn’t very good and I was bored:

Not that this gift is good either.

Screenshot (236)
A random carppy outline cuz I suck at digital drawings.  I hope I’ll get better with practice. XD

In all honesty, I think the only problem is that a lot of the lines are shaky.  Well, and it’s not finished. xP  Enjoy being the first person to receive my first digital line art!  Which is really bad. ;D


11 thoughts on “Secret Santa for Nunnally

            1. Hehehe I just re-read it and I’m laughing so hard… especially at the Japanese-ish part. Wtf was I even doing? XD
              Nah, anything you write will be good, as mentioned in this post. You can make the word “the” godly just by typing it. ;D


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