I’m in Tears

*WARNING* Includes spoilers.  If you get mad for reading this, it’s not my fault because I told you not to read it if you didn’t want spoilers. (This is for Code Geass and Code Geass R2)

Ok, so I just re-watched Code Geass and Code Geass R2 and I’m like seriously crying.  Yeah, I know it’s weird and I shouldn’t cry over fictional things, but it’s just so emotional and the music makes it worse and just omg, I can’t even!!!!

Yes, I’m a weird otaku and I get attached to characters that don’t even really exist and I cry over their deaths.  I had a dream where Suzaku died and I was like crying so hard and then I woke up and was like, “Good, it was just a dream!!”  Ok, so yeah, you know that feeling when you re-watch an anime and you just hope that everything changes and nobody dies the second time you watch it?  Well, so many people were dying and I’m just like NOOOOO NOT AGAIN!! But this is seriously like a really good anime and I love the plot (in a sense that it’s really detailed and intense, not the part where lots of people die although I guess that contributes A LOT to the plot TnT).

Anyways, first Euphy, then Shirly, then Rolo, and now freakin’ LELOUCH!!! I know Lelouch didn’t make the best choices, but the end plan just ughhh heart breaking!!! Why!!!!!!  And I was seriously crying… and Nunnally’s reaction to her big brother’s death is just even more heart breaking!!! And I just feel so empty inside!!!

And yes, I know at the end, Lelouch does seem to somehow survive?  I’m kind of confused and I’m not sure if the manga continues on or if that’s the complete end.  But even though he survived, just the fact that Nunnally and all of Lelouch’s former friends didn’t know he was alive and even the people who hated him for his actions never really knew his true intent was for the greater good.  I’m just… I can’t even. TnT  The feels.

Sorry for the spoilers, but I did warn you.  And sorry if it bothers you that I am heart-wrenchingly annoying when it comes to anime feels.  And the Nunnally that I mentioned is a character of royalty in the anime, not our precious blogger Queen Nunnally, coincidence that they’re both royalty?  Anyways, that’s it… Uhm… yeah… bye. :c *tear*

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



14 thoughts on “I’m in Tears

            1. It doesn’t change how morbid the scene was. TnT They will never see Lelouch again and the rest of the world still doesn’t know what he did for them. After everything he’s done, good and bad, I just dunno if I should be happy or sad about his supposed death. But I guess I just feel sad. 50 episodes, it’s hard not to get attached to those characters. 😥


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