Winter Break!!!

Ok, so I’ll try to make this post pretty quick because I’m planning make more after this and I have lots of work to do on other blogs.

So, first of all, if any of you have noticed, I haven’t been super active lately, and that’s because the teachers decided to give our class tests in every class on the same day and cram us with homework just before we went on break. -.-  Anyways, I’ve just been busy with school work, but now I have a whole two weeks off so I can be active and majorly bombard your reader with my posts!! Muwahahaha….

Also, I got 90+ followers! (Ok, that was like a week ago and I still haven’t done anything.)  I was thinking about doing a giveaway, but I wanted to know if I should do one now or wait until 100 followers and just have a bigger prize?  Well, my plan as of now is to do something small and then at 100 do something big, but tell me what you think I should do in the comments!

Uhh… back to working on other blogs.  For Blizz, I’m going to try to make a whole bunch of drafts and just not publish them until a designated date, that way it’s a lot easier.  Same to Minty.  AND I’m working on Fantage Chatter now so I need to know what I should start posting there!

That’s about all for now, bye!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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