Ok, so I didn’t really take a very long break, I was just gone Wednesday.  And even then, I still looked at a few posts, made just a few comments. I totally did not break my own rules of no WordPress for the whole day.

Omg, guyssss…. it’s so hard to stay away from y’all!  OH AND I HAVE 90 FOLLOWERS SOOOO

I’m gonna do somethin’ special!!!

Or should I wait till 100??? Can we even make it to 100???  Is this possible???

Well, tell me in comments!!

And also tell me what I should do…

Something like my last special prize thingy (omg that was when I had 37 followers!!! :O) > Last time I did an art raffle and a gold raffle.  Should I do the same, or something new?


  • Gold Raffle (We’ll see how much)
  • Art Raffle (With my new COPICS!)
  • Item Raffle (We’ll see what items)
  • Header + Signature? (Idk lol)
  • My Special Badges (You’ll see what they are: an example below)
Time to Trend!
Ex. 1: Something like this for daily posts.
Supportive Blogger Award
Ex. 1: Something like this for daily posts.

Ok, that’s all for now, thanks everyone! 😀

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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