Fangirling So Hard

Yeah this is sorta spam but… I am on the blog and I see a photo slideshow and it MAINLY HAS BAMBAM!!! IT HAS GD, BAMBAM, KOOKIE!!! I love this gallery so hard right now, I can’t tell you how much I am fangirling 😛 I was reading that old Q&A answers that Annabeth answered XD

Sorry for the spam but I needed to let my inner fangirl out once here since this blog is called Fantage Fangirls 😀

Also random QOTD:

Whats one of your favourite animes?



I need more BamBam pictures~

~From Your Inner Spammer~


13 thoughts on “Fangirling So Hard

  1. Lol, you can send me more pictures to put in the slideshow, I don’t have the time to look up more. xP (But caption them lol)

    And my favorite anime… at the moment, it’s The Seven Deadly Sins, but if you’ve seen some of my posts, uhh… there’s a lot. Wait, I think you asked me this in the Q & A you mentioned. XD

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