Asuna & Yuuki

Another drawing requested by Mangos!  So, I finally got some COPIC SKETCH markers, and yes, they are FABU!  I’ve really wanted these for a long time and I finally got some!  So here’s my first use (there wasn’t a HUGE variety, so I had to alter the colors a little, I only have 18 {If you don’t include the skin colors I didn’t use, then I’d have 14} xP)


So it’s not 100% the same, whatever.  I think it still looks decent. 😉

Asuna and Yukki
Asuna & Yuuki! (original)

Rate my first time at Copics in the comments!  I think they’re really fun to use and definitely BETTER than Crayola markers.

Fun Fact: If you didn’t know, Copics are alcohol based so they blend better and don’t destroy your paper (unless it’s computer paper or something really thin)  Whereas Crayola markers are water based and tend to rip your paper easily and don’t come out as well.

I hope you like it Mangos! 😀

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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