Weirdest Thing Tag

Thanks Nutella Bae for tagging me!

Ze Fabu Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Write about the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you.
  • Tag at least five other people to do this.

Ok, so uhmmm…. I’m a weird person and I’ve done a lot of weird things have happened in my life… so the first weird/embarrassing thing that pops into my head is…

I was at SacAnime and my dad had to go to the bathroom (although I didn’t know he said he was going to the bathroom at the time)… and I was aimlessly fallowing him because he was the only parent I had with me…. And the entrance the bathroom was really large and I didn’t even see any of the signs… they were above like the 10ft tall entrance (and I’m short) and yeah…

I just walked in.  Fortunately, it had like a walkway or something and then a turn into the actual bathrooms… well not super fortunate, but it blocked me from being seen by lots of people… Anyways, I saw the urinals, and I was like where tf did I just walk?  And then these men walked out in girls’ cosplay (I didn’t know they were men at first glance) and I was like, “Ohhh so this is the girl’s bathroom, but why did Dad just walk in, and why are there urinals in there?!  Is this a bathroom for both genders, because that’s kinda wrong…” And then I casually walked out and stood right in front of the bathroom… realizing the people who walked out were men… and discovering the sign above my line of vision…. And then some dude walked in but saw me and had to double check the signs… and yeah.

Most embarrassing thing I can remember at the moment. XD

I hope you enjoyed my humiliating failures in life. LOL

Update: I forgot to tag people.

I tag:

  • Anyone who feels comfortable with weird stories.
  • Anyone who’s done this before I bet I’m the only one who has lol (You have to do a different story though XD)
  • Everyone who laughed at this.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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