Signature Conclusion

Sorry for the post spam.  XD This one is here to stay though!

If you didn’t see my last two posts, basically it was that I found this setting on my phone that puts signatures automatically on your posts.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t color it, so you’ll have to go back and edit that.  Also, it doesn’t put up pictures for signatures, as far as I know, only text and emojis.  And… it only works when you post stuff on your phone, sorry.  I recently found that out, that’s why I made those two posts. XD

So just a heads up, if you want to add signatures on your phone posts (which I will probably never even use) then there’s a quick simple way to sign it off! Ok, well, since this was made on my computer, I guess I won’t have an automatic sig. XD So much work!!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥ 


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