How?! Tysm, ily all! :D

I love you all! ❤

Seriously, everyone!  79 followers, means 79 people are actually updated on my posts and are committing their lives to this annoying person! ;D JK

It was only 3 days ago that I had 70! :O  How do I possibly get 9 followers in 3 days, it’s a miracle (for me at least)!  I honestly never asked for this much support and this great community, but I’m SO GRATEFUL to get to know everyone and to just have fun posting and reading everyone else’s posts!  I’m not even gonna ask for 1 more follower.  I just never even expected to get past 10 XD

I’m typing this in disbelief and literally just smiling like a lunatic.

Reminder: My birthday ish TOMORROW! :O

Also, I watched BTS’ mv “Run” and I was like legit amazed and like fangirling and dying and all that lovely stuff.

Click here to watch “Run”! 😀  And it’s supposed prequel, or something like that, is called “I Need U” Click here to watch the original “I Need U”! 😀

And here’s other bloggers’ reviews and stuffz, shout-out to them for helping keep me updated:

Alexis: Hallyu Fangirl

Yuki~chan Bae: Kanime Dreams

TreeZilla: A Tree Obsession

Panda Bae: Hibiscus Panda

Ok, well I think that’s all for now!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥ ← That’s Japanese, but just to be special (not that Japanese isn’t special) ~Annyeong! ♥♥♥











P.S. Did you find all the hidden links?  They’re pretty obvious, but be honest if you discovered them the first time reading! ;D Or if you’re looking for them after reading this… Not including the blogs and video links I already gave you, there should be 8 total! ;D


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