BTS “Run”

Read through it ALL! 😀

Hallyu Fangirl

Annyeong! ANN-FREAKING-YEONG! They’re finally back! I’m glad I checked today…I forgot that Korea is ahead of us (me) or I wouldn’t have checked for their new music video until tomorrow!


The music video starts, and it’s black. Just black. One of the members is standing (it looks like V, but I am unsure) and then you see him falling back. He splashes into water, but then it’s Rapmon, throwing something into a coffee cup and the coffee splashes out. He’s got a lollipop in his mouth (I’m assuming that this is meant to symbolize cigarettes like in the first) and then he sticks it in his coffee and then takes a sip. In The Mood for Love (in Korean) flashes onscreen.

Rapmon is walking on those train tracks, either the same, or similiar to the ones from I Need U. He chucks his (cigarette) coffee and then knocks…

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