Which Background?

Ok, so you’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed my theme.  It’s sorta similar to Penscratch, but I’d have to say I like this one a little better. (It’s called Buttons)  The only cons would be: Wtf?! Where did the “Home” tab go?!  Well I guess you’ll have to click the logo from now on to get back to the home page. TnT And now I have to reset the sidebar!  C’mon!  So unfair!

So, back to the title: I need help choosing a background.  One of the themes isn’t seamless, so you can see multiple images, but I like the background better.  It’s just cuter, and in my opinion, more winter-themed.  On the other hand, the second image is nice, but it just doesn’t have that winter color scheme I would have liked, but it is seamless.  (I can’t find any seamless images I like better than the latter.)  I can’t decide which one, the better pattern, or the cleaner background?

Screenshot (219)


Screenshot (218)

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback, after all, the blog’s appearance is meant to appeal to the viewers! ;D


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