Carppy Drawings for Luka Puka (LukeH2O)

This is for 15 entries in Luke’s 15k Gold Giveaway so go follow and join now!

Once again, my e-mail is

Giveaway for 15000 Gold Avatars20151127_210716-1

20151127_210912  20151127_211036  20151127_211040

Sorry, they’re a bit blurry but I hope you can see them alright.

– +1: Default – Like this post and comment your email. Done

– +1: Spread the Word – Reblog this post on a blog that people know; not one that has no posts/views on it. 😛 Done

– +2: Veteran – If you have already been following me before this post was created, you automatically earn an awesome +2 entries. Done

– +5-15: Art – Draw a chibi/anime/whatever of my avatar(s)! Doing one of them will get you +5, two +10, and drawing all of them will get you +15 entries. Send it to me by email or post it and link to it in the comments. Done

I think that puts me up to 19 entries so far.

Anything else you need to know leave in comments or e-mail me.



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