TnT Untalented (Stupid Rant)

Screenshot (216)

Pure sadness. You can see my drawing on the middle right.  It’s been up for a day and there’s absolutely NOTHING, not even a simple comment or ONE like… ok, that might sound a little bit selfish, but I seriously feel unrecognized.  And there’s my friend liza in the top left corner…. yeah she’s got lots of talent.

Now, I’m not trying to get attention – but I feel so dissed.  Like, do people even look at my drawings AT ALL?! I seriously know how annoying and selfish this sounds, but seriously, not even 1 person decided to LOOK at my post or comment “Good job” or “Could use some work” or whatever!  Honestly!  People only seem to focus on the “good” drawings, like liza’s (Trust me I love her work) but why can’t they take the time to look at mine, or other people’s?  Is there something unappealing about what I draw?  I look at EVERY post in this club and I try to comment as much as I can, and in return, NOBODY seems to give a care about my hours of effort into these drawings.  I post them for the people, and if nobody’s gonna take the time of 5 seconds to look at it and comment ANYTHING then why should I bother to post, much less make the drawings?

I’m seriously feeling super unmotivated.  I’m not comparing my drawings to anyone else’s, I just want to understand why people seem to completely IGNORE my efforts, whereas I take HOURS to read 50+ WordPress posts and all those posts in clubhouse.  I feel like people simply DON’T CARE… they can even put in the comments “I DON’T GIVE A SH*T ABOUT YOUR DRAWINGS SO STOP POSTING” and yeah, I can ignore comments like that but at least it shows that they looked at it.

I’m being truthful, I don’t want to sound selfish, I just want to know if anyone looks at the stuff I post and if anyone actually cares.  Otherwise, I’m gonna stop posting in clubhouse as a whole.  It upsets me how people don’t seem to care to even glance at things that take me hours to complete as well as materials I don’t have to use to please.  Honest, I’m not trying to spread negativity or compare myself to others or get attention.. nothing like that at all.  Just someone please tell me if I should take my precious time to post something nobody will simply click on and look at.

If you’re still here, tell me in comments:

Should I keep drawing for people or just keep it to myself?

Should I keep posting in clubhouse?

Ughhh.  I’m just pissed right now that people don’t seem to look at my drawings AT ALL.  I might seem jealous right now, and maybe I am, but seriously, think, wouldn’t you be pissed if you took hours – maybe days – to make something you’re proud of only to have NOBODY look at it, or even give creative criticism like, “It looks great, but you could change this.”

Ya know?

So, I guess I should finish this off.  But thanks all you bloggers who look at my drawings and posts!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

P.S. This is just a random rant because I wanted to get these feelings off my chest.  So now you know how I feel. o.o  Seriously though… think… “wouldn’t you be pissed if you took hours – maybe days – to make something your proud of only to have NOBODY look at it, or even give creative criticism like, ‘It looks great, but you could change this.'”


8 thoughts on “TnT Untalented (Stupid Rant)

  1. Keep on drawing. The Fantage Clubhouse sucks, and if you look at the daily visits not many people look at it, so probably during that day no one saw it. 😛 If everyone used the Clubhouse, you’d be noticed without a doubt.

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