I am Awesome Tag

Thank you Yuki-chan/Yuki bae for tagging me!

  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Tag 7 others bloggers to do this
  • Write 5 things that you like about yourself
  1. I consider myself good at drawing.  🙂 Comment below otherwise if you disagree (I dare you Mwahahaha)
  2. I am learning Japanese, which I think is great for fun and educational purposes.
  3. My craziness (Yes, I can be a lunatic at times).  I love being childish, even considering my age. XD
  4. Hardworking-ness?  LOL Yes, I work hard in school and on my blog.  I’m proud to have all A+ so far in the school year and I’m planning on keeping my record.  (This is why you might see posts about me dying from stress and me being up until 3:00 studying and blah blah blah).
  5. Ability to connect… I guess?  I’m tired, give me credit, I can’t think well.  *falls asleep* a;djlahgejdlkjaehgsjdfk………… Ok, I love that I can easily talk to you all, as well as my school friends, and be able to support y’all, and helping solve problems (sometimes), and just being there to give moral support.  As conceded as this might sound, I love when people consider me a supportive person, it just makes me feel like I have meaning in my life other than consuming Japanese food and binge watching anime, binge listening to k-pop, binge reading manga, and other bingy things. XD
  6. ……………. INSOMNIA: no sleep (I have the ability to stay awake without sleeping…. and I can sleep with my eyes CLOSED!) Ok, I need sleep, but if need be, I can stay awake for more than 24 hours…. *dies*
  7. I like how I can completely disobey the rules of tags and put like 7 facts and then not tag anyone in particular. XD

Uhhh…. I will tag…

Anyone who wants to do this.  (Everyone I nominate seems to not do these things anyways, so why bother?)  And I bet everyone’s already doing this already (I’m always late and usually tagged last, so there’s not many people willing to do this left.)  And I’m lazy.  As stated earlier, I’m tired. (It is like 1:05 am after a crazy Thanksgiving day.)

Goodbye…. I don’t wanna go to bed. TnT (So I’m not gonna, no matter how tired I am.)

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

P.S. I’ve realized there are some typos and weird stuff, but I will leave them there for the sake of humor… well, nevermind……


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