The Companionship Story Tag

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED BY Nutella Bae SO PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR… uhhh… nevermind.  This tag was started by None Other Than Nunnally


Da Rulezzz:

  1. Mention whom you were tagged by. It’d be sweeter if you also linked to the post wherein they tagged you.
  2. Write your sentences carrying on from whoever tagged you. Don’t dance off track.
  3. Write only a few sentences, not an entire novel.

By Nunnally:

He was leaning against the kitchen sink, a cigarette hanging lazily from the corner of his mouth as he studied the timetable pinned to the refrigerator door with an assortment of childish magnets. She hardly knew the boy, and yet he had already made himself comfortable in her home.

By Nutella Bae:

He was dirty and unkempt and reeked of cigarettes. She sighed and asked the question she knew he was waiting for.

“What are you doing here?”

“Same as you, my dear. Trying to survive in the big bad world.”

So he was going to make her grovel. She looked him over again, and decided she would let him win this once.

“I mean, what are you doing in this kind of town?”

“Don’t you remember me? Its been a long time, but I didn’t think you would forget this handsome face.”

She knew that confident drawl and the angular chin. It couldn’t be. She knew it couldn’t be, but she let out a gasp.

It couldn’t be. And yet, it was.

My Turn:

“You!” she yelled in terrified realization.

“Me,” was his calm response.

Only a few years ago, this intruder was her loyal boyfriend, yet he had mercilessly taken the life of her younger brother.

“Why?  You still haven’t told me why you killed him!”

“Who knows?  He was sweet, I liked him.  Yet…” he continued in a carefree manner, staring at the decorations lining the wall.

“Yet what!  Your actions were unjust!” She grabbed a knife, which was coincidentally laying on the counter, and ran at him full speed, swinging in rage.

He simply grabbed her wrist and bent down to be face-to-face.  “Yet he was weak.  He wouldn’t survive in this world, so I ended his suffering before it could begin.  But you.  You are strong, and I need you to join me.”

I Tag:







You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but I can’t wait to see where this goes! 😀  (We still need character names :o)

K, bye!  Hope you like the story so far! (Especially my carppy bunch of words xD)

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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