Some Quick Updates

Blog Time:

After Friday, I’m gonna have a week off for Thanksgiving break (In America) and so I’ll have more time to blog, look at posts, and comment on your stuffz!


Over my week break, I’m gonna try to get the drawing requests done!

  1. Draw BamBam for Yuki (cuz she couldn’t get gold prize)
  2. Draw requests (Ereri, Mikayuu, Ikuto and Nagihiko, Lelouch vi Britannia)
  3. Make tutorials (which I hope will be good for people to actually learn from)
  4. List of drawings that I already planned to make.
  5. Finish drawing collab. Satus: 2/3 done, I suppose. We finished outlining and I guess all that’s left is half the coloring and a background! 🙂 I don’t think I’ll finish over the break because I won’t be taking it home, but it’s close! (I don’t have a picture of it right now, but I’ll upload an updated version asap. P.S. Anna is the only one who guessed the correct anime characters… well, she’s the only one who actually guessed. TnT I feel ignored by the public. *sheds tear*) xD
  6. Any drawings I feel like doing… bcuz I can do stuff in whatever order I feel like doing lol.


Listen to lots more k-pop and all the k-pop-y stuffz! 😉


Yasss! Ended the first trimester with all A+ (except P.E. because I suck at skills It’s not that I’m not physically fit, because I am, it’s just that I don’t have the skillz like catching and throwing XD) I hope I can keep doing well in school without dying of stress and lack of sleep.

Other stuff….

Anything else I feel like updating… Oh! And heads up, it’s my birthday on November 30! I won’t tell you my age… unless you found it somewhere else I might have put it… I’m still not telling you though. XD

Okie dokie! Bye! P.S. I’m so lonely, I feel like everyone posts while I’m at school then goes to bed when I get home and doesn’t have the time of day (or night bcuz they’re asleep) to even properly read my posts… sometimes I see the likes build up but no sign that the posts have actually been read… I hope people are actually reading them or else there’s no point in making the posts… anyways yeah… I’m a lonely person with no life except anime and k-pop and the occasional notification of someone liking my post and no comments xDDD Jk.. but seriously, do y’all read my posts? I will determine the truth by having everyone who likes this post comment “I read your posts” in the comments section. xD I need to stop rambling, see ya!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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