Supportive Blogger Award

Alright, so people have probably done this before, but I decided to create one of these award/tag things or whatever on my own!  I’m really loving the blogging community and I find everyone so supportive, so here’s an award made, by me, for all of you! None of that “Ask 10 questions, tag 5 people” stuff.

Supportive Blogger Award

What to do: When you receive this award (i.e. get tagged) then you do the following:

  1. Thank whoever gave you the award and add link to their blog (optional).
  2. Thank 5-10 bloggers who have supported you the most recently or throughout your blogging career, and maybe leave a link to their blog!? (I know it will be tough to choose such a small amount).
    1. You can also put the person who tagged you if you feel they have been super supportive! 🙂
  3. Write a sentence or paragraph or whatever to that blogger on how they were supportive and give thanks.
  4. Tell them to participate in this tag as well! ❤
  5. Don’t forget the beautiful badge!  Hehe

I am proud to deem the following with the Supportive Blogger Award:

  1. Yuki-chan ありがとうございます Thank you so much for talking to me and always just being there for me!  I’m also glad you got me into k-pop!  You’re a great friend and I’m glad to call you a part of my blogging family! 🙂
  2. Nutella Bae Thanks Nutella for giving me advice and stuff in the like.  I appreciate you for talking to me and all the wonderful Nutella things! xP
  3. Anna Arso Thank you Anna for being really supportive and always complimenting my drawings (No matter how bad they might be) and reblogging them hehe.  Thanks I guess for telling people to notice me xD Although I doubt I’ll be famous lol.  You’re art is amazing! すごいですね!
  4. Chingster3 Many thanks to the person who helped me a lot with my raffle, became a good friend on Fantage, and was always there to help me when I needed it!
  5. Panda A thousand thanks to you for being my Fantage friend and hanging out with me no matter how annoying I might be. 😉
  6. Boltie Thank you for being probably the first person to follow my blog and be here since the beginning!
  7. Angie A lot of appreciation for also being one of my first followers and talking to me about many things, including drawing!  I love your art!  Keep it up! ❤
  8. Emily Haha, thanks for having the same name as me! Jk. (But my name is Emily lol).  I appreciate you for also talking to me and advertising my blog!  I bet your blog will pass me by! xD
  9. Memepony I really appreciate your help on Fantage!  Thank you for buying my starred items so I could play Secret Adventure and asking nothing in return!
  10. TreeZilla Although I haven’t known you too long, I’ve gotten to know you’re a great, kind person who loves k-pop!  (Thanks for being Sagittarius with me! xP) You’re amazing!

Thanks everyone!  I consider my whole blogging community a part of family and I’m glad to tell y’all how much I appreciate the support!  I’m sorry if you weren’t on the list, but just know I luv ya all!  ❤


35 thoughts on “Supportive Blogger Award

        1. Heh… there’s nothing wrong with liking the same dude, right? It’s not like I’m competative over him… I just like him a lil more than the other members? Maybe I’ll just delete all my answers and create new ones…. :\ *runs for life to Korea, buys souvenirs then buys house in Japan* *hides with lifelong supply of Pocky*

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