Peace for Paris

Great thoughts, thanks for making me aware to the situation! Go like the original post, follow the blog, and pray for Paris. *prays*

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It’s truly horrible, what people do.

How they target innocent people at cafes, concerts, stadiums.

120+ people injured. 80+ dead.

Suicide bombers. Giving up your life for something “great”.

is it worth it? Aren’t people’s happiness and safety better than your so-called “greater good”, or revenge?

Everyone. Life is so precious.

Are you grateful for what you have?

You have your life. Your family. Your friends. Your country. Even the device you’re holding right now.

But I’m touched by other Parisians’ kindness:

“…if you are in Paris, you can offer shelter to anyone in need of a safe place to stay using the hashtag #PorteOuverte, which means open door, on Twitter. Currently, residents in safe areas are using the hashtag to connect with those in need.”

Paris is in a panic now. There’s nothing much we can do, as youngsters, but we can pray for them.

Yes, I’m not religious, but…

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