A day of sadness…

Spread awareness! Pray for Paris! Sorry I posted reblogged this thing twice, but it’s the last one, so go leave a like and follow!

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Hey guys! So as most of you would know there has been an attack on Paris today. We are all broken and full of sadness. I’m not going to talk about this for ages and just ramble on and on but I would just like to say to all of you… Please, please, please pray for Paris! My aunty lives in Paris but fortunately she wasn’t near where the attack was so she is safe. However her grand daughter was near one of the attack sights but again fortunately she didn’t get hurt and she is okay. Our prayers are with Paris forever.

Here are some things that fantage and myself did in honour of Paris.

Fantage Wear red

On fantage alot of people in Down Town were saying “Wear red and pray for Paris!” I thought this was amazing and so nice. Here is a picture I took:



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