Happy Birthday Marina!

Everyone’s posting about your birthday, so I’m guessing it’s your birthday… and I decided to post one of these too.

おたんじょうびおめでとうございます! Otanjoubiomedetougozaimasu! (Happy Birthday!)

Birthday Cake 1

Sayonara!  ~chbannabeth1♥


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Marina!

      1. Nani? Watashi wa rikai shite inai, mōshiwakearimasen! Imu wa sugu ni Itaria-go no gakushū shimasu. Itaria-go ga hanasemasu ka? Matawa furansugo? Matawa Supeingo?

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            1. Uhm…. English… and a little Spanish cuz it’s required… but I’m still young and have many more years to become fluent in 1 billion languages. xD Jk, but I’m planning on learning a few others when I get older… idk how many I plan on learning though…. one at a time… or two, seeing as another language is required (that isn’t Japanese TnT)

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