12:20 Rant

It’s a little past midnight.  Anyone still up?  I’m bored, but I’m doing hw.  TnT  I still have to study for a math test tomorrow after the sub gave us really bad notes and didn’t explain the lesson very well (as in she overexplained to the point where it got confusing)… Sooo, is anyone still awake studying or doing hw, or just playing games?  If it’s the former, I honestly think schools should give students a break because I know I’m still working this late and lots of my other friends (who are also really good students) are still up and have LOTS more to do, just like me.  Ok, you’re probably tired of reading this [rant?] (if you actually read it) so I’m gonna go now and get back to my boring ol’ hw.

Tired 1 Tired 2 Tired 3 ← Those are all totally me… like right now.  -_-  I need so much candy rn to keep me awake xP (And I probably wasted enough time on this post.)

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


11 thoughts on “12:20 Rant

    1. Haha, well, I have like 2 tests and I’m stressed cuz I “failed” a history quiz with 11/14 o.O and grades are due this Friday and omg, I just feel like I’m so behind… even though people are telling me I’m stressing too much…

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