Answers to Your FABU Questions

Thanks for 50!  As a special thanks, I’ll be doing a Q & A, so here’s the answers to the questions y’all gave me!

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Nutella Bae’s Questions:

Whats your favourite colour? Blue, particularly electric blue or a blue-ish-green (kinda like Miku’s hair?)
Do you have a bf? Huh? Huh? Huh? As of right now, nope. But I like this guy and he likes me and my friends keep telling me he wants to ask me out but he’s too scared.. and I’m confused and nervous on what’s gonna happen. But if he does ask me out, I think I’m gonna say yes.  🙂
How are you? Huh? Huh? Huh? げんきです!Genki desu!  I’m well!  And I’m excited and nervous as of a response to the previous answer.  I’ll see him tomorrow.
Whats your favourite book? Aghh, I can’t choose!  I love the Harry Potter series and Percy Jackson serious (including the Heroes of Olympus), The Hunger Games tilogy, Divergent trilogy, Shatter Me trilogy, The Maze Runner series, and the Walled City… and lots more.  XD  Those are just recommendations if you like to read pretty action-packed fiction books.  😉 
Do you use makeup? Nope!  I wear nailpolish, but that doesn’t really count.  And I’ve only worn lipstick once for my Halloween costume.  On a daily basis, I don’t wear makeup.
Are you purdy? Hmm, I don’t know, I would hope I’m at least presentable.  XD  Well, looks don’t really matter, but everyone is purdy in their own wat!  🙂
On a scale of one to ten, how thug do you think you are? Thugness level? Over 9,000!!! JK.  Nowhere near that thug.  I’d probably say somewhere close to 0, maybe 0.5 or 1 XD I’m so boring.
Chocolate or icecream? … You can’t ask me such a cruel question.. I guess it depends on my mood, sometimes I wand chocolate, sometimes I want ice cream.. but if I could only have one, maybe ice cream?
Nutella or Nutella Bae? Nutella Bae (not Nutella Poop), but I do like Nutella as well.  xP
Do you love me? Yass.  All of the bloggers are my family and I love you all! 🙂

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Yuki’s Questions:

Do you love me Of course, we’re all family in this fabulous blogging community.  🙂
Fav anime(s) I can’t choose!!  I love Fairy Tail, Owari no Seraph, Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, Naruto, Ranma 1/2, Tokyo Ghoul, and WAY TOO MANY TO CHOOSE from the top of my head..
Most hated/disliked song I can’t really say from the top of my head… but I probably do have one.. :\
Do you like k-pop and if you do your fav groups? Yep!  Who doesn’t LOVE k-pop?  As of right now, I love EXO and BTS.  xP
Celeb crushes? None in real life, anime sets my standards too high.. but anime character-wise, probably Natsu Dragneel, Naruto, Rin Okumura, Kaneki Ken, Kirito.. lots of others…  o_O I’m weird.  Hehe.. 
What inspired you to blog? My friend thought it would be cool to start a blog, but she couldn’t get it to work, so I tried it out and successfully made the blog she wanted then gave her the account.  We shared it, and I found blogging fun, so she’s to thank for what I have now in this community.  🙂
What is Yuki to you? Yuki is a much beloved sister who is always kind and supportive!  ❤
Fantage or Blogging? Blogging, only because the community is way nicer and actually talks to me.  xP
Blogging or Anime Uhhhh…. I cannot answer this.  I love y’all, but I can’t really give up on anime either….  :\
Music or Fantage Hmm.. another complicated one.  I love music, but I can’t actually talk to anyone.. but Fantage is boring and nobody really talks to me (with the acception of Amoore and Kelly).  Probably music, cuz I can talk to my friends in other means of social media.  XD
Kawaii or Senpai? かわいい Kawaii, because everything is cute.  Senpai is cool too though.  🙂 (At my school, there was like a battle between the Kawaii Army and the Senpai Legion.. XD)
Black or White Black, no particular reason though.
Snow or Yuki-Chan Yuki-chan.  As of in name, Yuki-chan sounds cuter and cooler.  As of in “object” Yuki-chan because she can talk to me.  xP I’m ridiculous.
Fav season? Summer, because right now, on summer vacation, I can spend more time with family and stay home and binge-watch anime and I just have more time to draw and stuff.  But I still like the other seasons too.  😉

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Memepony’s Questions:

1 When did you start blogging? (as precise as possible please) Hmm, I actually don’t know.  I think it was toward the end of July, but I can’t be sure… sorry, that wasn’t very precise.  xP
2 Why did you start blogging? One of my Fantage friends wanted to start a blog but she couldn’t get it working, and in a matter of one night, I had created a blog to share with her, invited another friend, and here’s the blog it is today!
3 Favorite blogger? I can’t say, I luv ya all!
4 Favorite Fantage eyes? For non-member eyes, I would probably choose the “Cute Eyes” just because they’re simple and I like the shading technique.  For member eyes, I would have to say the “Sweet Blue Eyes” probably because they’re color is really nice and bright, and again, I like the shading technique here too.
5 Favorite snack Pocky or maybe Hello Panda.  xP (I hope y’all know what those are.)  😉
6 Time of day you usually blog On weekdays, usually from 6:00 to maybe 10:00 (I won’t be blogging, but I’ll be on so I can read your posts and comments, but I would still be doing dang hw as well.)  On weekends, usually from 11:00 to whenever I go to bed, so basically all day.
7 Blogging or Fantage? Blogging.  The community is much better and talks to me more and actually responds when I talk to them.
8 Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Uhhh… I dunno, I like both.  😉
9 Did you actually answer all the questions I asked? I answered them, but some of my answers weren’t definite xD  Like, I dunno, lol.

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Ok, so my answers were probably longer than they should have been. xP  Anyways, if you wanna get to know more about me, comment a question or wait til another Q & A.  xP  K, cya bye!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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