Raffle Winners!!! {Yuki-chan and AnnaArso}

Congrats!  The winner of the Gold Raffle is Yuki-chan!  Runner up is Sally Duck!  🙂  Claim your prizes in the comments below! DO NOT SEND ME AN E-MAIL BECAUSE I DO NOT CHECK IT.  Anyways! オメデトウ!!!!Omedetou! (Congratulations!)  You win 3,000 gold so lmk when you can go on Fantage to claim it.

Screenshot (176) Screenshot (177)

Congrats Anna, you won the Art Raffle!  Tell me in the comments what you want me to draw for you!  Anything!  It doesn’t have to be anime-related (but it could if you want xD).  Claim your prize or runner up, mmchan, will get the art!

Screenshot (178)

(Thanks Nutella Bae for telling me how many times to randomize it.  xP  I did 7 for the first one and 2 for the second {My favorite numbers})

Ok congrats, once again!  I might give an extra day for claiming prizes just because some people are in different time zones and might see this a day late.

Sayonara! chbannabeth1♥


17 thoughts on “Raffle Winners!!! {Yuki-chan and AnnaArso}

  1. Woah, I won with only one entry!? Awesome. I’d really like it if you could draw Jared and I, since I’m on my phone I can’t send references but if you go on Fantage Marianna and search up “Art Raffle” I have a section in my post where I say I want people to draw Jared and I, with references. If you can’t find it, I’ll update it in my “Ignore This” page on my personal blog.

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