Raffle Updates

So, I changed the end date for the raffle because lots of people are entering already!  It ends on November 2, and the winner has 2 days to claim prize via comment on the post (because I don’t check my e-mail).

Here are the entries so far:

Gold Raffle

Chingster3 +8

ElysiaRiddle +1

Pandaflower +1

AnnaArso +1

Blizz99 +1

WinxClub5 +1

Pinku Randomness +1

Sally Duck +4

TankerTank +6

mmchan +6

sunstar5412 +5

Nutella Bae +5

ilikecupcake +3

Fantage Le Disney +2

Queenminty +1

memepony +2

melody +4

Yuki-chan +1

Fatima +5

Susan +2

Lunaistaria +1

Art Raffle (I’m kinda sad not many people entered this one. I don’t think anyone did, in fact, but I put their names here just because they liked the post. xP)

mmchan +1

Yuki-chan +3

ElysiaRiddle +1

Pandaflower +1

AnnaArso +1

Sally Duck +1

Pinku Randomness +1

Blizz99 +1

TankerTank +1

Nutella Bae +1

Queenminty +1

Chingster3 +1


If I got anything wrong, just tell me in comments below and I’ll verify!

Have any questions?  Also tell me below in the comments!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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