Prize Thing Reminder!

Don’t forget to vote on what I should do for my special 37 followers thing!  A raffle?  Q & A?  Add you to my blog as author/editor/spotlight?  Any other prize suggestions?

  1. Do an art raffle? (Of anything you want if I can draw it and if I have time.)
  2. Do a gold raffle? (I’ll decide on how much if this wins.)
  3. Do a Q & A (Which probably won’t be chosen by many of you.)
  4. Add you as an editor? (Or author.) (Or advertise your blog under spotlight.)
  5. Anything else (You can vote on up to two if you’re voting, otherwise leave suggestions!  And you can vote on other suggestions by replying to them.)

Don’t be afraid to vote!  Vote twice on the above or one of your own or someone else’s idea!  Be specific!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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