Thanks for 37 followers! (Weird number, right?)

Ok, well anyways, I luv y’all and I appreciate the support you have given me for the past couple of months!  I really wanna meet you all sometime on Fantage or just have a friendly conversation in the comments!  Can we get 40 followers??


Thank you again!  I want to do something special for y’all, so leave suggestions below on what I should do… or vote from here (majority rules):

Should I…

  1. Do an art raffle? (Of anything you want if I can draw it and if I have time.)
  2. Do a gold raffle? (I’ll decide on how much if this wins.)
  3. Do a Q & A (Which probably won’t be chosen by many of you.)
  4. Add you as an editor? (Or author.)
  5. Anything else (You can vote on up to two if you’re voting, otherwise leave suggestions!  And you can vote on other suggestions by replying to them.) 😉  ♥


P.S. Once the “special thing” is chosen, I will upload more details!  Thanks, don’t forget to participate, the prizes might be good!  🙂 (First to comment gets extra vote on the above or one of their suggestions.)  😉

I will count votes up until the 29th (also a weird number) then I will choose what I should do.  Sayonara~♥


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