Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you Gabriel_Tan for nominating me!  This should be interesting…

Inspiring Blogger Award


Ze Rulez:
Thank the person who nominated you.

Put the logo in your post.

Nominate 10 (I think it was ten, right?) other bloggers you think are inspiring.

Answer the questions that you were given and give the people who you nominated 5 new questions.

Ze Questions

  • What is the best thing about blogging to you?
    •  Meeting new people and getting to talk to them in the comments and such.  I’ve met many wonderful and inspiring people through blogging.  🙂
  • Any inspiring blog? 
    • Hmm… I think you’re all inspiring!  Every one of you have awesome blogs that I can only dream of achieving (but I’ll try my best!).  😉
  • What do you wanna be when you grow up? And why
    • Actually, I’m not sure yet.  I’ve considered being a doctor, lawyer, teacher.. really anything.  I hope to get a well-paying job so I can support myself and a family as well as a job that I enjoy doing (I know teacher’s don’t really get paid a lot..)  Or maybe something that professes in psychology.  xP  This is getting long, so, moving on!
  • Since when you started blogging?
    • I think maybe sometime in July?  Wow, it’s been a really long time, and I hadn’t noticed!
    • Just an extra: I only started blogging because my Fantage friend, Amoore, wanted to start a blog, but couldn’t get it working.  I got one set up for her and gave her the account, but I thought it would be interesting to start a blog, so we shared an account; eventually, we invited another friend.  At the time being new to WP, we ended up sharing one account among three people!  Can’t believe this whole blog has gotten so far!
  • Who’s your singing idol?
    • Hmmmm… I haven’t thought about this much.  I’m not interested in singing, but I do enjoy listening to a variety of songs.  I like k-pop, j-pop, and Vocaloid (Idk if that really counts), Taylor Swift, Pentatonix, neutral to 1D, anddd, yeah, I told ya I there’s a lot more, but I’m not like overly obsessed with music other than k-pop.  xP


My Questions:

  • Who is the first blogger who followed you?  And who did you follow first?
  • What famous person in the world inspires you the most?
  • What fictional person inspires you the most?
  • Are you busy with school?  Or stressed?  Or both?  Will you pull through? xP
  • What has been your lifelong goal since childhood? (Could be ridiculous such as becoming a mermaid or something like that.. I’m just curious.) 😉



I’m a rule breaker.  I won’t nominate specific blogs, but if you come across this and want to answer my questions for you, feel free!  I think you’re all inspiring, so I can’t pick just 10, plus, most of y’all have been nominated already, so I’m gonna be lazy and not take the energy to think of blogs that haven’t been nominated. :\  And people probs won’t answer my questions anyways…


By the way, anyone available to meet me on Fantage right now?  I’m bored.. xP


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