Anime Clubhouse

It seems when I stopped going to Anime Clubhouse on Fantage as often, the amount of posts and visitors dropped dramatically.  Coinkidink? (Coincidence?)  Or no?  Haha, well, it’s kinda sad not being able to spend hours looking at and commenting on the posts, lol.. even if they aren’t really child friendly (which is a problem considering Fantage is for kids.. but yeah xD)

Btw I used to post drawings with mah awesome buddy, lizalove, xP  And I wanted to let you know.. well there’s nothing I really wanted you to know… but if you see one of my drawings, which probably won’t be a while with school and all that, then just comment hi and tell me from what blog you’re from, or something like that.  Lol.  K, that’s really all, bye!


P.S.  What’s a good amount of editors?  If I need more, you can request it in comments.. xP


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