Quitting, and coming back

Aww, sorry you got hacked! I hope you come back soon, we’ll miss you! //blows kiss ❤ I love y'all in the blogging community!

P.S. Sorry I'm mostly reblogging stuff at the moment, because it's really the only thing I have time to do with all this stuff in the way.. xD Ok, cya later!


Hai guyz.

Lots of you probably won’t believe me but I’ve been hacked on my other acc (Lolly418660) so after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to come back after quitting. Fantage Bee Girls has been a lot of work so I’m mainly just going to copy stuff from it.

anyways, I changed my username to SilverLolly which is what you can call me if you want; but I’d prefer just Lolly.


(Newly added sentence)

Just to clarify that I actually was hacked, since some people might be a little confused. I Iwon’t beg you to believe me, like I always say.

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